I'm an Orange County based graphic designer who has been able to work with some great folks on great projects all over the world.  I've  been fortunate to have collaborated with some great events, intriguing business and fascinating people over the past 20 years.  


I draw inspiration from the mid century modern era. Nice, clean lines and vibrant colors. Beach, palm trees and sunshine. I attended the University of Hawai'i at Manoa and lived for years in Honolulu perfecting my surfing skills and enjoying nature and all it has to offer.  There was nothing better than waking up early, popping on the Birdwell boardies and heading out to Kaikoos for an ealy morning surf session before classes.  I guess I've grown up since those days - but I do still enjoy my boardies.  I live a couple of blocks away from Disneyland - so sitting in the backyard  - playing my ukulele and watching the 9:30 fireworks - is a great way to relax and rejuventate my creative process.

IWF World Championships


This was a fun one. I was asked to create the logo and branding for the International Weightlifting Championships held here in Anaheim. 

Marketing Report


A client needed a fresh look to their annual marketing report.  Thought outside of the box on this one and ended up winning the Ben Franklin Printing Award for this.  

Event Poster


A local non-profit reached out to me to design a poster for their upcoming comedy festival.  I came with this eye-catching design.

Anaheim Brewery


It's not every day you're asked to help brand a new brewery.  Everything from the bottle labels down to the pull handles for the bar.  

Wall Art


When Visit Anaheim needed an update to their Vision and Mission statements, they called on me to design new signage that would be displayed in their offices. 

Logo Design


Who doesn't like to work on logos?  I've had the opportunity to bring many businesses to life.

Surfboard Design


I worked with the amazing folks over at Chuck Dent Surfboards to design these custom  6' boards for the IWF Championships.

Large Scale Signage


ARTIC here in Anaheim needed to create some promotion signage for the lower level of the concourse.  I did it all from the ground up.  Concepted.  Photo directed. Headline and copywriting and design.  It was so well-received, the campaign was rolled out at various locations around the city of Anaheim.

Full Service Designer


I've pretty much touched all facets of the industry. Whether it be selecting models for a photo shoot, art directing, concepting, designing, headline writing - you name it.  Reach out and let's start creating your next project.

Drop me a line and let's talk about your next project.